We know it’s tough out there, we know that change is relentless, and we believe there’s a need to change the way we think about how to get people to be their best and tap into their superhero.

Studies suggest that the best places to work are those that have a strong purpose and sense of direction. They are full of people who are self-aware, manage their impact on others, manage their own emotions and are resilient. They come to work every day with a spring in their step and have positive, supportive relationships. Outstanding workplaces also develop their people to lead change by encouraging a culture centred on positive emotion and positive behaviours. At Elevate People we work with clients to make these things happen!

Anchored in Positive Psychology, leadership experience and common sense we have developed our very own approach to developing leaders. It’s called LeadPositive®.


LeadPositive® is evidence based and brings about behavioural change at all levels. It equips leaders to:


Our approach is conversation based, practical and brings about positive change. The way we work is flexible, to meet whatever challenge or change our clients are looking to achieve. The principles of LeadPositive® can be applied to:

  • Leadership programmes
  • Executive Coaching
  • Team development days
  • Open programmes
  • Speaking at conferences

We really love what we do and more importantly our clients tell us it works! We’d love to explore over a coffee how it may work for you too.