We live in turbulent times with an increasing expectation for us to be able to deal with whatever is thrown at us. We know that many workplaces are operating with fewer resources and increased expectations of its people. It’s tough, and indicators suggest that many of us are merely surviving and just about keeping our heads above water. We are working longer hours. Long term sickness is increasing. Mental health issues are on the rise. Engagement levels in many organisations are low. It sounds pretty grim, doesn’t it?

We believe now, more than ever, that leaders at all levels need support to build their resilience. It’s not about merely surviving today’s pressures, it’s about having the psychological and emotional resources to be at our best as we navigate this bumpy landscape.

The benefits of building resilience are many. Our reserves of resilience affect our performance, our physical and mental health and the quality of our relationships. It’s therefore not surprising that resilience is now being acknowledged as a core ingredient of positive workplaces and a prerequisite for positive leadership.

At Elevate People we use evidence-based approaches to build resilience at an individual, team and organisational level.


Understanding the strategies that already work is a great way to build strong foundations. We work with leaders to understand their triggers and what chips away at their resilient self.  We explore emotional responses and the beliefs attached to them to change what doesn’t serve us. Exploring our psychological hard-drive helps us better understand the role of optimism, thinking styles and thinking traps. Leveraging our strengths is a well-documented way to tap into our innate resilience too. These tools help us to keep our oxygen mask firmly in place and better equip us to bounce back and move forward from the challenges  of today’s workplaces.

How about exploring what building resilience looks like for you and your team or organisation?