Applying the principles of LeadPositive® has helped teams and individuals at all levels, in companies of all sizes, build their leadership toolkit so that they can navigate the complexities of a changing world. In a nutshell, our approach to developing leaders works!

But if, like us, you like evidence to support what you do then we have more evidence than you can shake a stick at. We have bucket loads of scientific research  to support our approach, and, we also have case studies from clients who have experienced our approach. Here are some of our success stories from over the years:

Strengths Based Leaders

We supported our client through a major restructure with a twelve month strengths-based leadership programme for its senior leaders. It brought together group workshops and one-to-one coaching and helped them build confidence, have more collaborative relationships and perform more positively. 

Positive Leaders

The senior team of our client was ‘stuck’ and looking for a new approach to help them work together differently. We facilitated conversations that helped them move forward by building trust, emotional intelligence, stronger relationships and focusing more on the

Change Starts with Me

With an acquisition planned and a climate of increasing uncertainty we designed a programme for our client to create a positive approach to change. We helped them build relationships across the two organisations, take personal ownership and create a more positive approach to the change ahead.

Stepping up as Leaders

Our client was looking to support their department heads to ‘step up’ to lead ongoing organisational change. Through a series of workshops, team coaching and one-to-one coaching we enabled them to build emotional intelligence, have better relationships (and have difficult conversations) and lead more positively.

Making Change Happen

At a time of large-scale organisational change our client was looking to equip their senior leaders with tools to make change happen. We designed a programme to build confidence, empowerment, positivity and their ability to deal with change and have challenging conversations along the way.

Manager as Leader

Our client wanted to develop their middle managers so that they could lead positively through change, take personal responsibility, develop people-centred skills, build resilience and increase their overall emotional intelligence. We worked with several cohorts over several years to bring about their desired outcomes.