The Scenario

With an acquisition planned, there was a question mark about the future from the staff, (5,000+ employees), manifesting in uncertainty and potentially impacting morale. The client was looking for a development intervention to roll out to senior managers and managers across both organisations to inspire a positive approach to the change ahead, and to empower them to take lead positively and take personal responsibility for bringing about positive change.

What we did

In collaboration with the client, we designed a one day intervention that was ‘roll out to senior managers and managers’ across both organisations across a four month period. Between 20 and 50 people from both organisations were brought together at each event. The objectives were to:

  • Generate positive energy around the forthcoming change and explore what’s possible for the organisation and them as leaders
  • Identify the ‘positive core’ of both organisations as  a start point
  • Have tools to lead positively on a personal level, a belief that ‘it starts with me’
  • Leave feeling energised

How we did it

We shared some of the principles of Positive Psychology to inform the day and contextualise their leadership style, however, the day was fundamentally conversation-led with active participation throughout. We worked with some of the Positive Psychology principles that underpin LeadPositive® including:

  • Using an appreciative approach we identified what’s already working well upon which they can build
  • We helped them visualise a positive future that leveraged both companies’ strengths
  • We explored the role of positive emotion when leading change, and the impact on the climate they create
  • We equipped them with strengths-based tools to help them take personal responsibility for their role in enabling positive change

The Impact

The client was delighted with the intervention and felt that all the objectives had been achieved. Feedback suggests that most attendees had a positive experience and left equipped to lead change more positively. Specific feedback included:

  • 96% of attendees scored the day 4 or 5 out of 5
  • The most common words used to describe the experience were ‘thought provoking’, ‘inspirational’, ‘excellent’, ‘engaging’, ’fantastic’ and ‘useful’
  • Many attendees felt that the day raised their self-awareness, and a better understanding of the impact they have on others
  • Many felt they had new tools to help them lead change more positively
  • The programme created positive energy on the day, and people left feeling energised!

Interested to know more?

Is your organisation experiencing change? Would your people benefit from learning how to lead change positively? If so, why not get in touch? We would love an opportunity to talk to you to see if we are for you too!