We believe building Emotional Intelligence (EI) is where all leadership development starts. How well do people in your organisation know themselves? It matters, because self-awareness enables an important shift from leading unconsciously to leading consciously. It enables us to CHOOSE our attitudes and how we behave and to manage our emotional impact on others. It equips us to be at our best most of the time. What’s not to love about that?

At Elevate People our expertise lies in developing leaders’ emotional agility skills so that they can confidently shine brightly and positively impact themselves and those around them. We help our clients develop strategies to be able to respond from their ‘best self’ to whatever situation they face.


By understanding our triggers and enablers we can tap into the superhero in all of us, the one lurking under ‘good’ or ‘good enough’ or buried in ‘mediocrity’.


We use tools with bucket loads of evidence to support their impact on their people, teams and the wider culture. Take leveraging strengths for example. We know that moving away from the gap-filling, deficit-based development approaches, common in many organisations, is a powerful way to create a more positive workplace. As is exploring our mindset and how to change it so that we don’t get stuck in thinking patterns that don’t serve us.

These tools work. They bring about change and enable people to tap into their brilliance. Imagine if everyone was tapping into their superhero in your organisation most of the time? What’s possible by helping people increase emotional intelligence and take responsibility for being a positive leader and doing great work? That thought alone keeps us motivated here at Elevate HQ! Let’s do this!