The increasing pace of change in today’s workplaces is well documented. Time and again we hear that people are feeling ‘change weary’ and often feel like they are floundering amid the ambiguity and complexities they face, as well as the extra workload that change can bring.

We know that to bring about change is not always easy. Neurologically we must create new pathways and break old habits, and that can be challenging.

Added to that a lot of change processes are embedded in ‘old school’ thinking, underpinned by a linear approach to change which is often driven top-down. So how do we get leaders to embrace change and make it a positive experience?


We start by challenging the assumptions and processes that are widespread in organisations. Change is not linear. It is messy and therefore needs to accommodate the human-ness associated with it. 


What we now know is that change is not a top-down process. Sustainable change starts at an individual level, everyone counts in the human system and therefore everyone is responsible for making change happen. To make positive change happen we need to move towards a more human-centred approach to engage and motivate everyone in the organisation.

At Elevate People we equip leaders with tools to not only deal with change but to actively embrace it and take responsibility for their role in making change positive. We do this by facilitating great conversations anchored in our proprietary model of LeadPositive® Grounded in science and applied in the real world we bring together what we know empowers and enables positive change to happen:

  • Set the Direction
  • Increase Emotional Intelligence
  • Build Resilience
  • Nurture Positive Relationships

Does any of this resonate with you and your workplace? If so, we would love an opportunity to talk to you about how we can support you and your organisation with bringing about positive change!