The Scenario

Operating in an environment of constant change, developing the senior leadership of this organisation was seen as pivotal to its future success in an increasingly competitive landscape.

What we did

Working with key stakeholders we designed a leadership development programme to equip 42 senior leaders with the tools and techniques to:

  • Be flexible in change
  • Be more business-like in their approach in a competitive landscape
  • Have effective teams
  • Increase motivation
  • Take ownership and responsibility in their roles in the context of their organisational goals

How we did it

Over a twelve month period we ran a series of interventions including:

  • A 360 degree feedback process
  • A 3-way meeting with line manager, delegate and coach to agree outcomes from the programme
  • 12 group workshops (15-20 delegates in each) that covered goal setting and holding to account, leveraging strengths and managing weakness, dealing with conflict, choice, resilience, team effectiveness and influencing others
  • 6 one-to-one coaching sessions to embed the change and apply learnings both individually and with their teams
  • A 3-way meeting with line manager, delegate and coach scheduled at the end of the programme to review progress made and to celebrate success
  • A final workshop to embed learnings within the group and to explore with delegates how to sustain change.

The Impact

Quantitative and qualitative feedback told us that:

  • The programme was successful overall, scored highly by delegates and their line managers
  • Delegates felt more comfortable operating in a more competitive context
  • Delegates felt more comfortable dealing with constant change
  • Team effectiveness had increased, particularly around having difficult conversations and clarity over goals
  • Delegates felt more empowered
  • Delegates felt more confident and positive
  • The programme impacted individuals, teams and the organisation positively

Interested to know more?

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