The Scenario

By bringing together managers from across the whole group (5 companies) our client wanted to upskill them to lead positively from where they are, with an emphasis on taking personal responsibility and having more people-centred skills to get the best out of others.

What we did

Collaboratively with the client, we designed a twelve month leadership development programme that included 9 one day workshops and support from internal interventions (e.g mentoring and peer to peer learning).

How we did it

We worked with many of the Positive Psychology principles that underpin LeadPositive® including:

  • Emotional Intelligence to build self-awareness and how they impact others
  • Identify Strengths to improve performance and mitigate risks
  • Tools to take Personal Responsibility by being at Choice
  • Building Positive Relationships by understanding and leveraging diversity, including how they communicate
  • Having tools to help build Resilience for when the going gets tough
  • Leading Positive Change with more people-centred approaches

The impact

The feedback was very positive, with delegates and key stakeholders telling us that the programme brought about positive change in many ways, they:

  • Are more confident
  • Take more personal responsibility for being at their best
  • Have better relationships with, and beyond, their teams
  • Are more comfortable having challenging conversations
  • Are better equipped to lead change with more people centred tools
  • Deal with adversity better by having tools for resilience

Interested to know more

Would your middle managers benefit from a development boost to help them ‘step up’ as leaders? If so, why not get in touch? We would love an opportunity to talk to you to see if we are for you too!