The Scenario

A senior leadership team (n.24) had been having regular development forums to help them come together and establish a strong team to drive the organisation of 6,000+ employees forward at a time of great change. However, they were ‘stuck’ in a cycle of behaviour that was stopping them from moving forward and they were looking for something ‘different’ that would challenge and ‘unstick’ them.

What we did

In close collaboration with key stakeholders, we designed a combination of one day, half day and one-to-one interventions over a six month period to:

  • Explore the desired leadership style for the organisation
  • Build higher levels of trust and collaboration
  • Move them away from a negative pattern of behaviour to a positive one
  • Move forward!

How we did it

All of the interventions were conversation-led and were challenging, interactive, practical and fun. We worked with many of the Positive Psychology principles that underpin LeadPositive® including:

  • Positive Leadership as a framework to design a positive leadership style, building on what was already strong; their ‘positive core’, to agree a way forward
  • Emotional Intelligence as a framework to drive self-awareness and understanding of the impact they had individually and collectively on the emotional climate of the organisation
  • Identified Strengths using Strengthscope® (individual and team) to help them leverage theirs and each other’s, appreciate diversity and mitigate each other’s weaknesses
  • A focus on Positive Relationships to equip them with tools to have positive conversations, to be at choice and take responsibility for building relationships that enable positive change for the organisation

The impact

Feedback from delegates and key stakeholders tells us they now:

  • Know what leadership style they want, and what that means for them
  • Have increased trust in each other, and collaborate more
  • Understand why they had the negative patterns and have tools to break them so that they can move forward
  • Have higher levels of emotional intelligence and take responsibility for their emotional wake
  • Have stronger relationships across the team
  • Focus more on the positive
  • Have moved forward!

Interested to know more?

Do any of these challenges ring true for your senior leadership team? Would your team benefit from our approach? If so, why not get in touch? We would love an opportunity to talk to you to see if we are for you too!