When we talk with clients about the importance of setting the direction it may seem like we are stating the blinding obvious. Surely everyone knows WHY they do what they do, WHAT they do and HOW that fits into the bigger picture? Surely everyone knows what is expected of them, which behaviours are ‘okay around here’, and which are not? Clearly everyone is rowing in the same direction?

Not so it seems. We find that in many organisations these must-haves are missing, and without them it becomes practically impossible for teams and organisations to excel.

Studies tell us that positive workplaces, where people perform at their best, are those where everyone is aligned to the WHY, WHAT and HOW. Being clear about behavioural expectations is another imperative and is intrinsically linked to how organisations perform. We often hear stories of people at all levels behaving in a way that negatively impacts those around them. These are important conversations to have, because without them full engagement and the motivation to do a great job, particularly in tough times, are simply less likely to happen.

At Elevate People we facilitate conversations like these that enable teams and organisations to set the direction. We help them to bring about alignment and clarity of the WHY, WHAT and HOW at all levels so that people can do their best work.

We work with organisations to establish a healthy way of working so that the culture is underpinned by positive behaviours, and not one prone to derailment by negative behaviours and those energy sucking ‘mood hoovers’.


Sounds simple? A lot of what we do is common sense! We believe that to be brilliant people need time and space to think, to think differently and to think big. Let us support you in making this happen.