The Scenario

At a time of large scale organisational change and increasing financial demands, the Board of our client (3,000+ employees) was looking for the senior leadership team to ‘step up’ to meet these changing contextual demands. They were looking for a coaching-centred leadership development programme for 20 senior leaders to focus on six core areas:

Leadership | Team Effectiveness | Visibility | Motivation/Engagement | Communication | Autonomy/Responsibility

What we did

In collaboration with the client we designed a ten month development programme that included a range of interventions, including:

  • Group workshops for all delegates
  • Team coaching for smaller groups
  • Individual Coaching

How we did it

We worked with many of the Positive Psychology principles that underpin LeadPositive® including:

  • Using an appreciative approach by helping them identify what was already strong, their ‘positive core’, as a start to their development
  • The use of Strengthscope® tools to identify strengths, individually and as a team, to help them leverage the diversity and mitigate their weaknesses
  • A focus on Positive Communication, equipping them with tools to have motivating conversations, and challenging yet positive ones, with their teams
  • Tools to increase their emotional intelligence, increasing self-awareness around the choices they take and taking personal responsibility

The impact

Qualitative and quantitative feedback from delegates and key stakeholders was very positive:

  • 93% scored the team coaching 4+ out of 5
  • 93% scored the one to one coaching 4+ out of 5
  • The three group workshops scored 4+ against all 3 measures: the day overall, time well spent and style of facilitation

When asking delegates to score their progress against the 6 core areas on which they had focussed, they told us the programme enabled them to:

  • Have better relationships within their teams
  • Communicate better
  • Challenge more, and have difficult conversations
  • Take a more positive approach to leading
  • Be more self-aware and aware of their impact on others; Increased emotional intelligence

Interested to know more?

Would your senior leadership benefit from a programme to help them ‘step up’ to meet changing contextual demands? Would your team benefit from some of the approaches we used? If so, why not get in touch? We would love an opportunity to talk to you to see if we are for you too!