The Scenario

Following a major restructure that negatively impacted the morale and working environment of the leadership team, a strengths based leadership programme was designed to support, challenge and equip 34 senior leaders with tools to enable them to operate at their best in a challenging context.

What we did

In close collaboration with key stakeholders, we designed a combination of one day, 3-way and one-to-one coaching interventions over a twelve month period to:

  • Support the leaders through great change
  • Equip them with strengths-based tools to lead positively
  • Re-build confidence
  • Impact performance

How we did it

The programme brought together different types of interventions to provide different learning forums for them individually and as a group. These included:

  • A 360 degree feedback process
  • A 3-way meeting with line manager, delegate and coach to agree personal objectives for the programme
  • Group workshops (15-20 delegates in each) that focussed on leveraging strengths and developing a strengths-based leadership approach as well as how to influence others in a decision making context
  • 12 one-to-one coaching sessions for delegates to create and embed change to their leadership approach, for personal and organisational gain

The Impact

Pre and post programme feedback told us that the programme:

  • Positively impacted their performance at work
  • Increased their confidence as leaders
  • Made them feel more skilled
  • Gave them strengths tools that helped them step up as leaders
  • Helped them have more positive, collaborative relationships

Interested to know more?

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