A bit about what we do…

Elevate People

We believe there is a superhero in everyone and by applying tools and techniques from our model of LeadPositive® we help our clients tap into theirs. We equip them to be engaged, happy and positive so that they can do their best work. Our approach is anchored in Positive Psychology and focuses on 5 core areas, all evidence based, all bring about positive change.

Set the

To be brilliant people need time and space to think and set the direction. We work with organisations to bring about clarity and alignment on the WHY, WHAT and HOW they do what they do. We support them in creating healthy ways of working so that the culture is underpinned by positive behaviours that enable people to do their best work.

emotional Intelligence

We believe emotional intelligence is where all leadership development starts. To tap into our superhero requires self-awareness and a shift from leading unconsciously to consciously. We enable leaders to develop their emotional agility skills, their strengths, their mindset and to embrace the power of choice to enable them to be their best selves.


We live in turbulent times so need to ensure we have the psychological and emotional resources to navigate this bumpy landscape. We help people explore their psychological hard drive to help them better understand the role of optimism, emotional triggers and responses, and thinking traps to enable them to keep their oxygen mask firmly attached.

positive relationships

Positive relationships are one of the biggest predictors of great performance and yet are often deprioritised when life gets busy. We’ve developed an approach that enables positive, constructive, courageous and outcome-focused conversations that make a positive difference. It enables leaders to take responsibility for all relationships – the good, the bad and the ugly!

positive change

We know that to bring about change is not always easy. Change is messy and full of emotion. We work with clients to move towards a human-centred approach to engage and motivate people to make positive change happen. We equip leaders to embrace and thrive in change by bringing together the various strands of LeadPositive®.